Articles of Engagement – What We’re Reading This Week

June 4, 2010

New AT&T data plans for iPhones, iPads,

A description of AT&T’s new data plans, which are surprisingly good; and more importantly which includes the proviso that “nobody will be forced to switch”. If you like your plan, you can keep it. A good example of how to handle pricing changes (Ahem).

This is How You Admit a

A recording of MLB umpire Jim Joyce apologizing and owning up to the mistake he made on a recent call that ruined Detroit Tiger’s pitcher Aramando Galarraga’s perfect game. The mistake was a huge one. His apology (while a bit salty) is completely genuine and public.

Marketing to a

A long, solid article about company/brand communities – how to grow and manage them in a way that’s beneficial to both parties: consumer and brand.

How I Saved My

Great idea for a video series from NYTimes great You’re the Boss blog: small business owners tell how the met and then averted a business crisis.

Reach Customers in 140 Characters, All of Them

There are a ton of Twitter tips for businesses all over the web; but these come from the Times 😉

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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