Build a Virtual Call Center With Our New Call Distributor Widget

Published May 11, 2011
Last modified May 11, 2011

Our customers can now harness the power of brick-and-mortar call centers without having to hire loads of additional agents, invest in additional hardware, or keep agents tethered to their desks.

Thanks to our powerful new Ifbyphone integration organizations of any size can build a virtual call center for their sales or support teams. Incoming calls can be forwarded to an available agent, letting them know who is calling, and then connecting the call.

Not the appropriate agent to field the call? No problem, you can transfer the call to another agent or even another department. Also cool is the ability for agents to input notes about each call directly into the agent panel instead of on a sticky note that's going to get lost .

If no agent is available and the call is sent to voicemail, Ifbyphone creates a Zendesk ticket with a transcription of the recorded message and a link to the audio file. This is awesome because there is no longer a need to monitor two different systems.

Help desks can now instantly manage phone calls within the same platform as other support tickets, eliminating the risk of misplaced or ignored messages. And if you've configured your virtual call center to support your sales team, our integration that can provide you with a caller's basic information.

What's more, agents can also display their business phone number on outbound calls, even when they are working remotely, giving agents the ability to tap the capabilities of an outbound call center, on the go. Because the integration works on cell, home, and VoIP phones, and Skype, there is no need to invest in phone hardware.

Combine this flexibility with our mobile apps for Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and Android, and you have the makings of a seamless support platform that will only increase agent efficiency, faster resolution time, all the while bolstering team collaboration and customer satisfaction.

And how will you know that's actually happening? Part of what makes this new tool powerful is its ability to help you measure the health and performance of your help desk. That's why this integration allows managers to view dashboards with real-time stats about each agent and gives them the ability to send message to agents. Managers can also generate historical reports about call quantity, duration and more for their entire team or by individual agent.

Sensational stuff, right?

Multi-channel support can no longer simply be an option for companies; it has to be a very real strategy integrated into their customer support platform. Integrations such as Ifbyphone are yet another way Zendesk is giving support teams the power to optimize their help desk's performance with support capabilities that include email, web, social media, online chat, community forms, and mobile apps.

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Get up and running with Ifbyphone with these set-up instructions.