Community tip: queuing up overnight tickets

Community tip: queuing up overnight tickets

April 1, 2013
Community tip: queuing up overnight tickets

When things are busy, like first thing in the morning, support teams may rely on colleagues outside of the customer service organization to help solve tickets. The key is finding an easy way to help them figure out which tickets they should tackle without disrupting your normal process. To make it work efficiently, you have to keep the workflow simple; after all, your occasional helpers don’t ordinarily handle tickets, and you don’t want them asking more questions than they answer.

Our latest Community Tip shows you how to set up a queue for just this purpose. This tip comes to us from Todd Zabel, global customer support manager for Hearsay Social and a Zendesk Community Moderator.

Head to the forums to see how Todd’s team set up a queue for account managers, who take turns helping out in the mornings by answering tickets that have come in overnight.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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