Denver Broncos Score With Simplicity

Published March 8, 2010
Last modified March 8, 2010

Broncos IT engineer Gil Bencomo likes to keep complex things simple.

So when he became the sixth member of the Denver Broncos nimble IT team in 2009, he pulled out a playbook from his recent past.

First order of business: Change the quarterback (that means "help desk" in IT support lingo) to Zendesk.

"They'd been using a competitor's software for a while here with the Broncos," Gil said. "It worked OK but I thought there might be a more
user-friendly solution out there. I'd heard about Zendesk from my
previous job and all the feedback was positive, particularly around
ease of use."

Zendesk is the ballcarrier

"I decided to check out the Zendesk free trial and found I liked the simplicity of the solution better than old system," he said. "For example, dropdowns don't have 25 choices to scan through. I showed Zendesk to our team and everyone liked it. It's
simple and just easier."

Gil got the Broncos Zendesk up and running in less than an hour. With nothing to install and no credit card required, he simply entered his email address to get their account and was instantly creating test tickets.

Fast forward to today. "Everything is fast and simple now," Gil said. "When we have a new user, for example, we add them in less than two seconds and we're good to go."


The IT team likes directing users to their Zendesk web portal, where they can easily submit support tickets. When tickets
come in, the team is able to see them all in an instant -- no matter where they are. If they're away from their desks, for example, they get pinged by their BlackBerrys and can resolve and close tickets from their phones without any pass interference.

"We all can see the support tickets as they come in. The transparency of the solution helps us work better as a team. Zendesk also seems faster: the click wait-time is extremely short."

Gil said users also like the new help desk solution. Simple yet elegant. Many said they are fans of seeing the status of their tickets at any time, along with the ability to add comments and have conversations with the IT team.

"It's also nice that we could 'Bronco brand' the interface so that the product doesn't look so clinical like a piece of generic software," he said.

Since 1960, the Denver Broncos have grown into a team that is followed by legions of fans throughout the Rocky Mountain region, United States and the world. An original franchise of the American Football League, the club reached the National Football League's pinnacle by capturing its first World Championship by virtue of a 31-24 victory over the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXII. One year later the team was able to follow-up on the previous year's feat by winning its second title.