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Fourth Round of Contest Winners

Last updated November 24, 2010

Congratulations to @teachingjane, @maelman, @storefrontapp, and @stevecarlton who entered the exciting contest we kicked off on Thursday, Nov. 18 that offers participants the chance to win iPads, AppleTVs, and more.

@maelman from OneHub sent us the URL to our “Why You Can’t Ignore Twitter” infographic, which won him an iPod Nano.

@storefrontapp also won an iPod Nano for correctly answering how many partner integrations we have to date. The answer: 58.

@teachingjane scored an AppleTV for knowing that Zendesk customers CALE Parking and BigTent both have participated in a Zenfession webinar.

@stevecarlton picked up our second AppleTV knowing that our Zendesk iPhone app has been downloaded more than 50,000 times.

TODAY is your LAST chance to win an iPad, Nano, or Apple TV. We’ll be tweeting trivia questions (tagged with #twickets) from @Zendesk today, Wednesday, Nov. 23rd, so keep your eyes focused on our Twitter feed. Participants who can convert the tweet into a Zendesk ticket and write back to us with an answer are automatically entered to win!