Great customer service starts… in bed?

May 14, 2013

If your first conscious thought in the morning is “”Where’’s my phone?”—” you’’re not alone. Mobile phone and tablet usage is on the rise everywhere, even in bed.

Formal surveys and anecdotal stories reveal that we’’re increasingly obsessed with beginning our days by hopping online to see what’’s happening both in our social networks and at work. To see how our morning routines are getting a tech boost, check out our latest infographic.

And because the “bed office” is a global phenomenon, we’re happy to announce that the Zendesk iOS app (for iPhone and iPad) is now available in 14 languages: German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, English, English (U.K.), Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean. Now Zendesk admins and agents around the world can support their customers without crawling out of bed.

Top o' the morning to ya: morning tablet and phone usage

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