How FanMail Marketing Got Its Users to Embrace Zendesk

April 28, 2011

FanMail Marketing is a full-service digital and print marketing consultancy that specializes in music, sports, and entertainment. We have a long client roster and a provide support for 100+ clients. We are also proud partners and resellers of the ExactTaget Platform, which allows users to create, build, track and send emails, landing pages, mobile, and more. It is a database warehouse that easily allows marketers to deploy full-scale campaigns and track their results.

In order to provide the best possible help and customer service, we knew we needed a big solution for our big needs. Zendesk was the perfect match for us. They provide us with a platform to answer support tickets and the ability to create a knowledge base where we can provide our clients with need-to-know information and continuing education, such as white papers, case studies, design tips, and best practices. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and due to the online nature of our business, it made sense to have a platform where users could request help online and provide screen shots of what they are working on as well as have chats with our help desk technicians.

We noticed that even though we implemented this great community, support desk and knowledge base, the adoption rate was low. Clients were not creating tickets. We had trained them to go to their account manager directly and the switch wasn’t as easy as we expected.

That’s when we decided we wanted to make it as easy as possible to help our clients. Our tech team built an ExactTarget – Zendesk integration that allows our clients to access our knowledge base and submit tickets to our help desk inside the ExactTarget platform. By clicking on the support tab, clients are directly brought into the help desk interface. No more needing to have multiple windows open or logging in a second time.

Zendesk Help Desk Interface

It also allows our help desk technicians to provide support and answer questions and manage twickets, and our users the ability to browse our knowledge base, submit a ticket, chat with an agent.

The adoption rate skyrocketed, and we now have a very engaged client base and 99 percent of tickets are directly through this unique integration. It saves our support team a ton of time and we have very satisfied customers as well!

The Main Points

The ExactTarget – Zendesk integration provides corporations, ET partners and ET resellers with:

Single Sign On Authentication: Users sign into one place: Their ExactTarget advanced account. They have access to the knowledge base, their support ticket history, and are able to request support with one sign on.

Easy Access to Information and Help: With easy access to help resources, we noticed that the amount of help requests lowered and client knowledge grew.

Interactive Help Desk: Our help desk is also a community where users can comment on posts, chat with our support staff, and easily submit help tickets and provide screen shots without leaving the application.

To find out more, check out the video below:

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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