Laughing Squid: We Salute You and Your 2011 Webby Award

May 3, 2011

We want to be one of the first to offer Scott Beale and the rest of the gang at Laughing Squid a heartfelt congratulations for being this year’s People’s Voice winner for best culture blog in the 2011 Webby Awards.

One of our earliest customers in San Francisco, Laughing Squid continues to be a very good friend of Zendesk, and in the last three years we’ve worked together, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing many wonderful opportunities with one another. In the photo above, Beale and our CEO, Mikkel Svane, toast each other at the 2008 TechCrunch Capital Summer Party; one of many times we’d cheers him and his team.

In the photo below, the duo hang at one of our first-ever meetups in San Francisco.

Laughing Squid and Zendesk Help Desk Software

It’s always an amazing thing to watch your friends grow and to be able to applaud their successes. Snagging a coveted Webby award is a much-deserved achievement and hey, it’s pretty darn hard to do.

Laughing Squid was one of the first culture blogs to really matter, and it continues to keep the bar sky high for the rest of the blogosphere. The writing is top-notch and its eye for always unearthing some of the best stories out there is downright enviable. We never cease to be amazed at how friggin’ awesome the site is EVERY SINGLE DAY.

So Laughing Squid, nice work. We look forward to our continued friendship and seeing many more Webbies added to the office mantel.

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