Social CRM: Managing the Consumer 2.0 Relationship (PR)

July 9, 2009

Here at Zendesk we're big fans of Get Satisfaction. If you don't know about them already, Get Satisfation is crowdsourced support, or people-powered customer service as they put it themselves. They provide a platform for consumers to come together around products or services to discuss and help each other. In many instances the sheer volume of people discussing a company's products will make the company participate and interact to facilitate and help. Amongst Get Satisfaction customers you find companies such as Adobe, Zappos and Six Apart.

Today Zendesk and Get Satisfaction are announcing an integration of the two products that promises to deliver full social CRM. The concept is as follows: Your company is using both Get Satisfaction and Zendesk. Get Satisfaction for your community discussions and Zendesk for support of your individual customer. If a discussion arises in Get Satisfaction that requires one-on-one interaction, you can pipe the discussion from Get Satisfaction over into Zendesk and wrap your business processes around the conversation to ensure that it's dealt with timely, securely and in accordance with company policies and service targets. To wrap it up, you can post your closing comments from Zendesk back to the Get Satisfaction topic the ticket came from.

WidgetBox has been a beta customer on the integration, and you can read more on their experiences in the enclosed press release. Another beta customer was Free Agent Central that posted their reaction in a somewhat premature blog post back in May already.

Go ahead and take the integration for a spin. You can find full documentation in our support forums. Full press release below the fold.

Get Satisfaction Zendesk Social CRM

Zendesk and Get Satisfaction Come Together to Deliver Social CRM

Companies Marry Online Help Desk with Community Tools to Meet the Web 2.0 Support Demands of Consumers 

Boston, MA, July 9, 2009 – Customers of Zendesk, the pioneer in transcendent, online help-desk solutions, and Get Satisfaction, the provider of customer communities for thousands of customer-centric companies, are now able to unite their support offerings to experience the full benefits of social CRM. Social CRM takes advantage of information gathered and shared through Web 2.0 technologies to provide more effective customer support in the way consumers increasingly demand. Several beta customers have already implemented the new integration and are realizing immediate gains in overall customer satisfaction.

One of the first beta customers is Widgetbox, a leading self-service Web widget platform that helps millions of people express, connect, create, and inform using Web widgets. Ryan Spoon, vice president of sales and marketing, quickly saw the value in the united technologies. “Before the integration, Widgetbox used both Zendesk and Get Satisfaction to communicate with our customers, but we were unable to unite those communications internally to improve overall support,” said Spoon. “Now the information contained in the email conversations we have through Zendesk can easily be connected and shared with the forum conversations enabled by Get Satisfaction. Not only are our support services improved, but overall customer communication is enhanced through the additional insights we collect through this integration.” 

In the past, companies implemented customer service tools like automated phone support and catch-all email addresses to avoid customer interaction. However, the growth of social tools, like chat, forums, and ratings and reviews, has empowered consumers to interact directly with brands and one another. This shift in consumer behavior has changed the fundamentals of customer support, putting the onus on brands to have a more active and visible support presence with their customers. With service and support now the biggest driver of customer relationship management, companies must adopt business tools that enable them to more effectively identify, track and respond to customer needs.

“Combining Get Satisfaction’s crowdsourced, public support system with Zendesk’s one-to-one, ticketing-based system was a natural fit for the two companies,” said Wendy Lea, CEO of Get Satisfaction. "There are a host of support issues that can't be shared with everyone on the Internet – someone’s private billing information, for example – which is where our partnership with Zendesk fits in remarkably well. This allows us to provide our customers with an end-to-end social CRM system that not only works well, but looks great, too."

“Zendesk enjoys partnering with companies like Get Satisfaction that share our commitment to helping organizations achieve Zen through beautifully simple customer service,” said Mikkel Svane, CEO of Zendesk. “Through these technologies, companies can transcend the limitations of outdated and impersonal customer support services to build better relationships with their customers and achieve support enlightenment.”

About Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction is revolutionizing customer service by applying the principles of crowdsourcing and community to the customer-service experience. Companies who use the Get Satisfaction social CRM platform achieve significant reductions in support costs while at the same time increasing customer retention and loyalty by providing an authentic, engaged, and thriving customer support community. Join the conversation at

About Zendesk

Zendesk is inspiring the help desk 2.0 movement through a focus on enlightened customer support. As the first organization in the industry to leverage SaaS and the benefits of web-based communication and social media, Zendesk provides the only professional-grade on-demand help desk. Combining the convenience of the web and agile support, Zendesk extends good help desk karma to any company, large or small, looking to offer beautifully simple online support that is flexible, rich and intuitive.

Backed by Charles River Ventures, Zendesk was founded in 2007 and has more than 1,000 customers including Books-A-Million, IDEO, John Lewis, MSNBC, The Rackspace Cloud and Twitter. To learn more, go to or follow @zendesk on Twitter.

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