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Tidbits: Pass-Through Email and CAPTCHA

Last updated June 3, 2009

This weekend will bring some nice new features for Zendesk and in general June will be packed with announcements. Anticipating the new features, don’t forget to check out some of the latest announced product additions and features.

Early april we announced enhancements to the Reporting capabilities, new widgets and a new features called pass-through email. The latter allows you to make sure that whatever email address your customers are contacting you on, they will receive updates and replies from that same email address. As you already know you can set up your Zendesk to receive emails sent to any email address you want to, and dedicate separate workflow to each of them. If you maintain separate brands on separate email addresses the pass-through email feature will allow you to keep those brands separate.

Later in April we introduced CAPTCHA validation of anonymous user requests, a new tagging UI, and centrally managed topic and ticket subscriptions. Often it makes sense to run an open help desk, especially if you have many spontaneous or intermittent customers and don’t want to hassle them with a registration process. For that purpose we now have implemented CAPTCHA validation on the online ticket submit form to ensure that your help desk isn’t flooded with spam.

Don’t forget to check out what’s coming to your Zendesk by following our Announcements (also via RSS).