Time Tracking with Harvest

February 25, 2008

[2015 update: You may have noticed this post is pretty old. Here’s more up-to-date information about how Zendesk and Harvest work together.]

Time tracking can be an essential need for a help desk. If ticket processing involves actual tasks and work orders carried out, or if customer support contracts are billed on time and material basis.

We’re therefore happy to announce that you can now perform time tracking on ticket-level in Zendesk and submit your data directly to time tracking service Harvest. Harvest serves the time tracking and billing needs of thousands of customers from around the world, from freelancers to Fortune 500 companies. Just as Zendesk, Harvest is a monthly subscription service, that you can upgrade/downgrade or cancel at anytime. Without set-up or cancellation fees.

There’s several nice features to the integration. A registration submitted to Harvest will also be appended to the relevant ticket’s event log, and all registrations in Harvest will carry a ticket ID to enable two-way lookup. The integration has been built as a Widget purely in javascript, and the code is available for everybody to extend and manipulate further to obtain the exact functionality required, within the confines of the Zendesk API and the Harvest API.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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