Tip of the week: Making the move from Web Portal to Help Center (it’s really not that scary)

By Jake Bantz

Published March 1, 2016
Last modified March 1, 2016

As you may have heard, Zendesk announced the deprecation of a few features, including the Web Portal. The whole migration process can seem quite daunting.

Honestly, the migration process from Web Portal to Help Center isn't that bad. Just know that:

  • Your content may not appear exactly where you want it in the Help Center on the first try.
  • Customizations and Content are separate. If you copy your content again, it will not affect any of the template customizations, CSS, or Javascript which you or your developers have implemented.
  • You can re-copy your content as many times as necessary, just keep in mind this one important disclaimer: If any content has been created in the Help Center since copying over your Web Portal content, that content will be overwritten if you copy your Web Portal content again. Please save your new content locally and/or create it in the Web Portal so it comes over in the copying of content instead.

With those points in mind, this tip of the week will cover the following themes:

This article isn't meant to be a replacement guide for the Migration Guide, but it will hopefully provide you with additional guidance and demystify some of the common scenarios we see after the first or second time through copying content.

Head to the forums for step-by-step instructions on migrating from Web Portal to Help Center

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