Unleash the Power of your Ecommerce Site with Live Chat

Published October 27, 2017
Last updated June 2, 2020

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Which is most effective at boosting sales, phone, email, or chat? How do you cut through the red tape and start modernizing your customer support? Do online customers even care?

Recognizing the demands of online customers is the first step, but scaling a customer support system can be a daunting task. From brick-and-mortar to large enterprise, boosting sales and de-stressing your support teams are always top of mind. But the best strategy to achieve these goals will vary from company to company, so it’s up to you to know what takes priority.

We’ll hear first-hand experiences from Aja Varney, Dir. of Customer Service at Spartan Race, who championed a companywide initiative to modernize Spartan Race’s customer support systems.

    This 30 minute webinar will cover:

  • How online customers prefer to communicate with customer support
  • Best practices for ecommerce customer support
  • Why live chat and integrations like Shopify with Zendesk are important for ecommerce websites
  • How Spartan Race achieved a 27% increase in online sales and a 97% customer satisfaction rating (CSAT)