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Would You Pay This Guy to Wear Your Shirt?

Last updated December 17, 2010

Neal Brooks

Neal Brooks will wear your company's shirt for a fee.

Plenty of companies do. He’s going to make half a million dollars next year by acting as a human billboard. Jason Sadler, 28-year old founder of I Wear Your Shirt, may not technically be a celebrity, but he has spent the last two years tweeting, YouTubeing, Facebooking, and generally influencing consumers via social media by going about his usual daily business while wearing sponsored t-shirts. He started in 2009 by charging companies $1 per day (2011 rates start at $5 per day) and has built the business to where he’s even delegated some of the shirt-wearing to staffers hired, such as Neal Brooks featured here, through a YouTube vote. A page full of testimonials from small business on Sadler’s site say that the community he reaches is small but active and engaged, and that Sadler’s influence has increased their social media presence, website hits, and SEO power for little more than the price of the shirt on his back.