Zendesk and ImproveSF

Published June 21, 2012
Last modified June 21, 2012

Ever since we moved the Zendesk headquarters to 6th and Market, helping to revitalize San Francisco’s mid-Market region has been a part of our company mission. In keeping with that commitment, we’re happy to announce that Zendesk will be sponsoring a problem-solving program by ImproveSF that we believe gets to the core of a fundamental problem.

ImproveSF, an online social media platform that engages community problem solvers to help solve civic issues has a challenge: How can Central Market/Tenderloin residents store and prepare healthy food when their access to kitchen facilities is limited?

The challenge was announced earlier this week by San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee:

“Access to fresh, healthy food is a tremendous challenge in some of our neighborhoods, particularly for those most vulnerable in areas like Central Market and the Tenderloin,” said Lee. “This ImproveSF challenge allows us to use innovation to focus resources and develop real solutions that we can use throughout the City. Zendesk has taken a leadership role in the Central Market neighborhood they now call home and co-sponsoring this new ImproveSF challenge.”

ImproveSF is a great community that perfectly exemplifies how technology can play an innovative role in how civic leaders and residents can solve city issues together.

Users are invited to submit problem-solving solutions to this challenge question between June 18th and July 20th. Participants will compete for two great prizes. Zendesk will offer one winner from the mid-Market community their “Dream Day in SF,” giving winners a full day of San Francisco-based activities of their choosing. Meanwhile, Hub Bay Area, which offers shared office space to social entrepreneurs, has included a Hub Mission membership, mentorship and other opportunities to transform a concept into a sustainable solution. Additionally, Zendesk has added rewards to the ImproveSF Civic Store, where participants can redeem participation points for voting and commenting on submissions.

To learn more about the ImproveSF challenge, please visit ImproveSF.