Zendesk API v2

Zendesk API v2

August 8, 2012
Zendesk API v2

YourTrove, an online service for developers, conducted a survey last year asking what they consider to be the biggest pain points in API development. The responses included out-of-date, unreliable documentation and a lack of guidance. At Zendesk, we’ve built our API to be a developer community and resource for our customers to grow their service and support business.

David Lorge Parnas, one of the pioneers of software engineering, once wrote about API: “Reuse is something that is far easier to say than to do. Doing it requires both good design and very good documentation.” So, in creating and updating our API, we make sure to keep our eyes on both.

We love seeing just how active our developer community is–with nearly 20 percent of all tickets generated across all Zendesk accounts created through our API. To add to that, our partner ecosystem boasts over 100 third-party integrations.

Back in March this year, we introduced our next-generation API v2 into public beta. Today, we’re continuing to build on a consistent, well-documented and fully-featured API. Here’s what we’ve been working on:

  • Created more API endpoints so our customers can gather more insights, gain more visibility, and further automate admin workflows in their Zendesk
  • Developed more documentation that accurately guides our developer community in enhancing their Zendesk, as well as building their own custom apps and integrations
  • Standardized our API on the popular JSON format
  • Introduced a versioned API so developers can build against a stable, well-documented API as we continue to grow Zendesk’s features and capabilities

Check out our developer site to learn more!

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