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Introducing Our New and Improved Android App!

Last updated December 6, 2011

Accessing your help desk on mobile devices is an important part of the multichannel support strategy we champion here at Zendesk. We’re constantly building on our mobile apps as we expand our product to help ensure that you never skip a beat. You’ve given us great feedback as part of that process, and now we’re proud to announce a new version of Zendesk for Android that we think will make your jaw drop and your phone vibrate like a purring kitten.

Android users make up a big chunk of our customer-service-obsessed base, and we want them to have an amazing experience. So we put our talented mobile team on the case, led by UI designer extraordinaire Eric Hoffman in Utah, Product Manager/Superman Steven Yan in San Francisco and Mobile Developer Graham Cruse in Edinburgh, Scotland. As we expected, they delivered a super-sexy app that’s sure to tickle your customer support passion in all the right ways. It does more than the old app, looks better and even supports tablets (though it isn’t optimized for them).

For more information and to download the app using a QR code, visit our detailed forum post. Once you’re up and running, let us know what you think in the comments section!