Even better than “Phone a Friend”: Connected SaaS Solutions with Zendesk and Microsoft Office 365 Groups

Even better than “Phone a Friend”: Connected SaaS Solutions with Zendesk and Microsoft Office 365 Groups

March 31, 2016
Even better than “Phone a Friend”: Connected SaaS Solutions with Zendesk and Microsoft Office 365 Groups

On Who Wants to be a Millionaire, contestants can ask for help using one of three options: 50/50, Ask the Audience, or Phone a Friend. Wouldn’t it be great to have these options in the workplace too? It would certainly be more fun.

Oftentimes, support receives questions that require input from other teams not actively using Zendesk. Today’s version of phoning a friend—or Alice in Accounting—might be using Google Hangouts or Slack or some other messaging app (not to mention, walking down the hall). But often these methods require follow-up, and it becomes easy to lose the conversation thread and history. By combining widely-used and powerful tools like Zendesk and Microsoft Office 365 Groups, however, asking Alice in Accounting or Pete in Product becomes as easy, and as streamlined, as “phone a friend” appears on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Today at Microsoft Build 2016, we announced the next evolution of our integration with an Office 365 Groups-Zendesk integration using Office 365 Connectors. This native integration enables cross-functional collaboration, connects support agents to the broader company, and compresses the time required to answer customers. Microsoft productivity prowess combined with Zendesk’s customer engagement acumen delivers a powerful one-two punch.

Empower your team
The new integration empowers customer service, sales, product, finance, and engineering teams to easily collaborate around customer inquiries without ever leaving Office 365. The integration introduces a streamlined workflow that allows customer support agents to escalate a Zendesk ticket to the appropriate person or department. For example, to quickly resolve a ticket about a pending invoice with the finance team, or a pricing approval that needs to pass through sales operations, can now be accomplished by selecting the appropriate Office 365 Group.

After a ticket is escalated, the internal team collaborates in Office 365 Groups to reach a solution and respond to the Zendesk ticket in an internal note. The support team can then communicate the outcome to the customer using Zendesk.

With Zendesk’s integration with Office 365 you can:

  • Escalate a ticket to an Office 365 Group
  • Enable existing teams to collaborate around complex customer scenarios
  • Connect customer support with subject matter experts inside a company for faster problem resolution
  • Link back to the Zendesk ticket once the issue is resolved in Office 365 Groups

Simplify your business
This seamless integration simplifies how employees can collaborate internally to solve customer problems, and provides a strong foundation for outstanding customer engagement. In an era where customer relationships are crucial to successful businesses, connected SaaS solutions deliver technology that works the way your business wants to work—leveraging technology that you’re already using.

On the heels of our last integration, this latest integration with Office 365 Groups enables our shared customers to focus on their priorities: engaging and supporting your customers. Great customer relationships require intelligent conversations. Office 365 Groups and Zendesk enable your company to have intelligent conversations with customers by breaking down silos between departments. Technology that works better together and allows your team to work like they want to, all without requiring game show antics or lifelines.

Learn more at the Microsoft Office blog.
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