Live Chat for WordPress

Live chat for WordPress

What is live chat for WordPress?

Live chat for WordPress enables companies to offer real-time service to customers for support, sales, or other needs through a WordPress site. Typically built with a chat plugin or widget such as Zendesk Chat, live chat for WordPress centralizes customer data and ongoing conversations into one location, allowing companies to move from chat to phone to social media while maintaining the same stellar customer service experience.

Real-time support

With Zendesk Chat, visitors can engage with agents live without leaving the website. Help visitors complete purchases, answer questions, and use the plugin to reduce the need for your customers to reach out by phone, email, or via web forms.

Chat reduces wait times

Prompt support for website visitors is vital to your business—after all, customers hate waiting. The WordPress plugin enables your agents to help visitors quickly, which lowers costs and improves customer satisfaction.

Increase conversion rates

Adding a live chat widget to your WordPress site provides an unobtrusive, proactive way to support visitors. That means better conversion rates, more chances to upsell, and fewer instances of shopping cart abandonment. For example, you can set up the live chat plugin to notice when a visitor has been stuck on the shopping cart page for a long time, giving agents the chance to message the customer about removing potential roadblocks to completing the sale.

Get the data you need

The WordPress chat plugin offers powerful reporting features such as real-time monitoring and agent performance. Access the user-friendly metrics dashboard to see what your organization does well—and what needs to improve.

Make WordPress live chat your own

Live chat is easy to install and highly customizable—take advantage of free themes that match your company’s branding, or use web SDK to build your own widget. Start your free trial to see how a WordPress plugin can help your business.

Get proactive today

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