Make CX smarter, easier, and more personalized with Zendesk & AWS

Make CX smarter, easier, and more personalized with Zendesk & AWS

We know developers are capable of building tools and applications that create amazing customer experiences. Yet too often, support leaders and developers operate in separate worlds, typically without common tools or shared objectives. What if everyone could get on the same page, and developers could use the tools they already know and love?

Watch this webinar to learn more about how to bring your support team and developers together to create better customer experiences. We'll discuss how your business can leverage our newest strategic integration that allows real-time streaming of customer events data from Zendesk into AWS.

After attending this live webinar, you’ll walk away knowing more about:

  • How support teams can collaborate with developers to build better customer experiences
  • Why event-driven architecture is making it easier than ever for companies of all sizes to do more with AWS and Zendesk
  • How to get early access to our new events connector to stream support data in near real-time to AWS

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