Catch Group

Catch Group sees an NPS boost after adopting an omnichannel support solution

  • Avg. Tickets/Month 50,000
  • Improvement in NPS 30%
  • Reduction in Avg. Call Response Time 65%
  • Annual Savings by Using Zendesk Reporting $35,000
  • Products Used

Catch Group has come a long way since its humble beginning in 2006. Brothers Gabby and Hezi Leibovich started the business, then called “Catch of the Day”, with a staff of five in a small warehouse in Melbourne, Australia and grew it into Australia’s leading online retailer.

In 2010, Catch Group launched its coupon and travel site Scoopon, followed by a host of other sites including: Grocery Run, Mumgo, Pumpkin Patch, Bon Voyage, and takeaway ordering site Eat Now. From children’s clothes to groceries to vacation deals, Catch Group’s family of brands offers deals on everything a family needs.

Now with more than 450,000 site visits and an average of 10,000 orders each day—selling an item every 2.8 seconds and generating over $300 million in sales per year—Catch Group has grown in size but remains true to its family business-based ethos: Treat it like your own business.

“Whether you’re an agent on the phone, the CEO of the company, or somewhere in the middle, Zendesk allows us the ability to make a decision—to make the choice to do what’s right,” said Head of Customer Experience Ivan Trajkovski.

When Trajkovski joined Catch Group in 2016 with 30 years of call center experience under his belt, the company was better known for its deals than its customer service. Net promoter scores (NPS) hovered between 50 and 60 points. Return requests took an average of five to seven days to answer, and phone response times were between five to ten minutes. And while Zendesk Support replaced a Gmail inbox in 2014, Trajkovski also saw room to further optimize its performance. He began a mission to improve communications and response times across all channels.

In his first quarter, Trajkovski rolled out Zendesk Guide to create a customized help centre on the Catch Group website. This was a much-needed upgrade from the company’s previous self-service offering, which was difficult to navigate. It also unlocked previously untapped business insights. “Looking at the stats and data from our help centre each week is a great way for us to see what customers have questions about and to make informed decisions about updating everything from product listings to pricing to checkout processes,” Trajkovski said.

The following quarter, Trajkovski and team tackled live chat, which, along with their phone support, were offered on separate, siloed systems. The team replaced their chat provider with Zendesk Chat and implemented the Zendesk Web Widget to allow customers to start a chat directly from the help centre. They also replaced what Trajkovski called “an archaic phone system” with Zendesk Talk, transferring all phone calls by the end of the fourth quarter. “I wanted a complete solution,” Trajkovski explained.

With its new omnichannel support system in place, Catch Group saw an immediate improvement in efficiency. Beyond the automatic ticket creation in each channel and the context gained through a unified system, the team set up hundreds of triggers and macros to streamline routing and processes, and to respond to frequently asked questions.

Before choosing to work with Zendesk, Catch Group carefully considered all of their options, including Freshdesk and Oracle, but ultimately chose Zendesk because it offered the best combination of features and vendor relationship. “I found that the relationship was key for me to make an informed decision. The Zendesk team is always available, accessible, always offering ideas,” he said.

Trajkovski also saw clear financial benefits. “When you’ve got more satisfied customers, they’re more likely to continue to shop with you,” he said.

Along with implementing Zendesk, Trajkovski reorganized Catch Group’s support teams into three centers specialized by channel or specific customer needs. These include a team in Melbourne focused on voice support, and a team in the Philippines focused on live chat and returns. Together, the company’s 60 agents handle an average of 50,000 support tickets each month. A small team of dedicated agents respond to all contacts through its social media channels, which are also integrated with Zendesk.

The complete transformation of Catch Group’s customer experience team has paid off. Return requests went from taking nearly a week to less than 24 hours, a 700 percent reduction, and phone response time is now down to an average of one minute 55 seconds, marking a 60% improvement. Insights from Support’s analytics also help Trajkovski track Catch Group’s NPS, now consistently close to 70, representing a 30 percent improvement. Trajkovski estimated that tracking the company’s NPS using a separate system would cost between $25,000 and $35,000 USD per year. “Now I’m getting it for free,” he said.

Catch Group continues to innovate and find new ways to serve its customers. The team began using the Callback feature in Zendesk Talk to allow callers waiting in the queue to request a call back from an agent, maintaining the customer’s order in the queue. “Our customers are loving it,” he said.

The team also made the decision to turn off their interactive voice response (IVR) system. After implementing the Callback feature, they felt the IVR slowed things down. “No more ‘Press One for Sales, Two for Customer Service, Three for blah blah blah. Now it’s just, ‘Welcome to Catch, how can I help you?’ We’re able to troubleshoot then and there, or do a callback to the customer,” Trajkovski explained. “I’ve seen phone sales increase as a result.”

Trajkovski plans to roll out SMS next—hoping to be one of the first online Australian retailers to offer messaging support. “We want to be able to serve and manage every inquiry in a timely fashion in 2018 while exploring ways to improve our efficiencies through technology,” he said.

Catch Group continues to expand its operations. Currently shipping within Australia and New Zealand, they’ve recently extended into Asia and on to marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Trade Me and now Lazada in Asia, and have begun using Zendesk to build a dedicated marketplace sellers’ help centre, in addition to the help centres they have created for each individual brand. Despite its ongoing growth, Catch Group will always be a family business at heart. That’s why Zendesk is such a good fit, Trajkovski explained. “It’s so valuable to have the ability to easily manage change to our customer service and to have the technology in place to support growth.”

“Zendesk offers our agents the solution they need to do what’s right by the customer.”

– Ivan Trajkovski Head of Customer Experience