Shaadi uses Zendesk to help singles find love

Learn how Shaadi uses the Zendesk omnichannel solution to help singles find love—reducing wait times by 40% and delivering 90% customer satisfaction.

“Zendesk helped us become more humane and empathetic in terms of how we serve our customers. Zendesk has been a big part of that journey.”

- Gourav Rakshit

CEO at Shaadi

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For more than two decades, has pursued a singular vision: helping millions of Indian singles—and their matchmakers—find the right connections.

At the heart of that effort lies Shaadi’s commitment to offering clients best-in-class customer service for this life-changing decision. “The challenge that we face is that a marriage is one of the most beautiful experiences that a person can go through, yet the process of finding a life partner can sometimes be stressful, and daunting,” said Gourav Rakshit, Shaadi’s CEO. “That’s the mission of our business, to make the journey as pleasant as the destination.”

Creating a pleasant journey for its customers proved difficult before Shaadi partnered with Zendesk for its omnichannel support solution. Previously, the company had no way to review customer service communication for all users in a single place. “I think a good customer relationship requires meaningful engagement with the customer and most importantly being there whenever your customer needs you,” said Nilesh Borgharkar, vice president of customer operations. “With Zendesk we got visibility to the inter-customer information—it is there in one place. Most importantly our response time was reduced, and parallel conversations in different channels stopped. Because of that, we were able to improve the overall experience for the customer.”

With the increase in the volumes of customer acquisitions, customer queries have increased by 3x in the last two years. After bringing Zendesk on-board we have been able to deliver 90 percent customer satisfaction and further reduce operational cost by 50 percent, he said.

Chat is Shaadi’s busiest channel, and when live chats, email, and phone traffic spikes, agents now have an additional tool in Zendesk Guide to help deflect incoming queries and serve quick answers to customers. “Contextual help has reduced our inbound traffic, because more and more customers are getting engaged with that,” said Borgharkar. “We’re also using it to give updates on any new products that are coming or any new features. With the help of Zendesk, we are able to reach out to every single customer.”