Customer experience management software

What is customer experience management software?

Customer experience management (CEM) software helps companies manage, analyze, and improve the relationships they have with their customers.

This powerful software pulls all customer touchpoints and data sets into a single, unified workspace. It gives support agents the customer context they need to provide consistent, reliable, and exceptional customer service.

Whether it’s accessing shipping information from your fulfillment system, viewing the last conversation a customer had with sales, or moving from one communication channel to the next, CEM software is the only tool your agents need to get it done quickly and efficiently.

Why you need a customer experience management tool

Sales, marketing, and support departments all engage with customers a bit differently. In an enterprise, the challenge is maintaining a smooth and consistent customer experience (CX) across all of those interactions.

Customer experience management software compiles customer feedback and data from all your tools (customer service software, sales tools, marketing campaigns, etc.) from each department into one view. This breaks down silos so managers can analyze CX across the entire customer journey.

Customer experience management software provides actionable insights for improving CX at every step along the customer journey. With a strong customer experience platform, a company can differentiate itself from its competitors, improve loyalty, and deepen customer engagement.

Adapting to an increasingly complex CX

Before digital channels, the solution to customer experience was relatively simple. Any organization could differentiate itself with a simple strategy for competitive pricing, quality, and customer service.

But now, those few traditional touchpoints have been replaced by a wide range of websites, mobile options, and social media. Customers use any or all of them to interact with organizations.

Today, teams are adopting countless tools and resources to keep up. But if not managed properly, all of these resources and communication channels can create fragmented experiences - for both customers and agents alike.

Customer experience management tools tie these options together. They give each team complete visibility into the end-to-end customer experience.

With Zendesk, teams can manage conversations across voice, SMS, live chat, and messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger — all from a single inbox.

Agents can even track customer interactions outside of 1:1 conversations. For example, agents can see when a customer visits a help center page or searches for knowledge base content. This visibility helps agents understand what their customers are looking for and how they can provide better support.

Jonathan Bolton, SVP of operations at BombBomb, says Zendesk enables his team to provide relevant support on any channel.

“Zendesk helps my team by unifying support channels in one place, so customer support can respond and offer conversational, contextually relevant experiences across any channel.

"Zendesk ayuda a mi equipo reuniendo los canales de soporte en un mismo lugar, de modo que el servicio de atención al cliente pueda conversar con los clientes y ofrecerles experiencias contextualmente relevantes en cualquier canal".

Jonathan Bolton, SVP of Operations at BombBomb

The best part is, every conversation and interaction a customer has with your brand is recorded in that customer’s profile. This way, employees in any department can access the same customer data and context they need to deliver a consistent, positive customer experience.

Staying agile with customer experience management reports

Customer engagement management software generates valuable insights on customer engagement and feedback. For example, it can measure the capacity and performance of internal teams. CEM software can even identify both the resources customers want from you and the points at which customers need more help.

Zendesk gives managers access to 20+ analytic dashboards for every channel. You can customize your reports and filter data to find the most granular insights. Teams within the enterprise then modify their processes to ensure that customer interactions add up to a smooth experience from beginning to end.

Sébastien Faure, head of customer service and support at Devialet, loves how easy it is to create custom reports using Zendesk.

“I use the dashboards built in [Zendesk] on a daily basis,” Faure says. “It is easy to create tables via templates but also to customize them, the data is easily manipulated and we can create attributes on the fly.

“I use the dashboards built in [Zendesk] on a daily basis which I particularly appreciate: it is easy to create tables via templates but also to customize them, the data is easily manipulated and we can create attributes on the fly.”

Sébastien Faure, Head of Customer Service & Support at Devialet

Zendesk makes it easy for managers to uncover valuable trends and insights, without being bogged down by data.

Zendesk and customer experience management

Zendesk makes it easy to manage each step of the customer journey. Our customer experience management solution unifies all customer touchpoints into a single workspace, so agents have all the customer context they need to provide exceptional support.

And with advanced reporting insights, Zendesk will reveal how your teams can work better together to improve the overall customer experience. Whether that’s integrating with internal communication channels like Slack, creating skills-based routing, or customizing workflows.

The CEM technology in Zendesk delivers data your company can use to create, deliver, and manage the best customer experience possible.

Take control of the customer experience.