Enterprise wiki software

Tapping into your knowledge base with enterprise-grade software
At the heart of the customer experience is the relationship. Improving the relationship between the enterprise and the customer is as easy as improving its help desk software. And while instruction manuals and white paper are helpful, tapping into the extensive knowledge of your enterprise's customer service team is what really sets your company apart. That's where Zendesk Guide comes in.

The benefits

With Zendesk Guide's smart knowledge base application, putting institutional knowledge to work is simple. Guide managers can create, add to, or edit articles, making it easy to capture and leverage your enterprise's in-depth knowledge. Guide drives improved agent efficiency and lets customers receive better self-service, as it works natively with Zendesk Support.

Guide empowers users with a knowledge base solution that:

  • Makes it easy to sort articles with a sophisticated tagging system that includes categories and sections
  • Archives deleted content for future viewing
  • Restricts viewing of content to agents only, the public, or those who have registered
  • Allows content to constantly evolve

While Guide isn't designed for wiki-style collaboration, it's easy for those agents who have been granted permission to create great content.

See how the knowledge base solution from Zendesk makes it easy for employees to create and access information within your enterprise. Launch your free trial of Guide today.