A CRM portal amplifies the power of superior customer relations

If you're looking for a dedicated hub for your customers to manage their support requests and their contributions to an updated knowledge base or community, then look no further than Zendesk Guide's customer portal software. Guide will provide the power your customers have been looking for.

The inside scoop

Zendesk Guide’s online customer requests portal helps customers control activities that matter most. Customers can check the status of their support requests, review updates to their knowledge base and community contributions, and track content they’re following—all from a single location

Did you know?

To make matters simpler for your customers, the Zoho CRM app functionality will integrate flawlessly with your Zendesk account to give you one more technology tool to help you manage details associated with the customer - such as potentials, events, and notes - in your Zendesk account, on the same window as that of the support ticket.

Enjoy the benefits

Here are just a few of the powerful features available in Zendesk Guide’s online customer requests portal:
  • Users can search through previous interactions or tickets they’re CC’d on to find answers to questions that they’ve already asked, saving them time—and saving your team from repetitive queries
  • Create a seamless experience between your own website and your help center by using your own domain and configuring single sign-on
  • Pick and choose which fields a customer needs to click and complete so support agents have the context they need when resolving a request

Extend your reach

If you're striving for the most compelling customer service, having the perfect application is a must. The solution for today and the future is Zendesk Guide. Get your free trial today.

Experience is everything.

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