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Open Source Knowledge Management Software

Open Source Knowledge Management Software

Choosing a free version of knowledge management software

Cataloging and disseminating institutional knowledge makes it easy for employees and customers to search for company info whenever and wherever they want. But finding the right software to do just that can be a daunting task. While open source knowledge management software might be free, it may lack some of the features you really need. That's where Zendesk Guide comes in.

La noticia entre bastidores

When selecting a free knowledge management software solution for your company, look for open-source software that does the following:
  • Makes it quick and easy for users to search for and find correct documents
  • Allows knowledge base organization by subjects and key terms
  • Tracks where information came from - like which employee expert created it
  • Aggregates content from both internal and external sources
  • Includes an easy way to access information - like from a dashboard

¿Sabías que...?

Sometimes getting to try a knowledge management solution before pulling the trigger on a more robust version is just what the doctor ordered. One such option is the free version of Zendesk's knowledge management solution, called Zendesk Guide Lite. Using artificial intelligence and predictive analysis helps to create a more intuitive and efficient experience. And upgrades to the product include the Knowledge Capture app, which makes it possible for agents to publish articles in the knowledge base with a few simple steps. In addition, easy user access to the Answer Bot reduces friction.

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