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Relationships are at the heart of the customer experience. Improving the relationship between a business and customer is as easy as improving its help desk software. And while white papers and instruction manuals are helpful, tapping into the extensive knowledge of the customer service team is what really sets a business apart. That's where Zendesk Guide comes in.

La noticia entre bastidores

Zendesk Guide puts institutional knowledge to work with a smart knowledge base application that lets Guide managers add to or edit articles. This smart knowledge base makes it easy to capture and leverage the in-depth knowledge of your team. Agent efficiency is improved and customers receive better self-service as Guide works natively with Zendesk Support.

¿Sabías que...?

Guide empowers users with tools that:
  • Make sorting articles easy with a sophisticated tagging system that includes sections and categories
  • Content that constantly evolves
  • Archives that allow for future views of deleted content
  • Content that can be viewed by agents only, the public, or that requires registration
While Guide isn't built for wiki-style co-authoring, it's easy for agents with granted permission to create great content.

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