Open and flexible ticketing system

Is Zendesk an open source ticketing system?

As your business grows, so will the demand on your IT team. Meet demand without buckling under the pressure by investing in a ticketing system. Ticket system software assigns a number to every request and logs it as a ticket in your database, which helps your team track, monitor and resolve the increasing number of support requests from both customers and internal users. Zendesk is an open API ticket system which means third party developers can build new integrations on our platform. Unlike open source ticketing systems, Zendesk software offers all the advantages of open source ticketing without your team having to build a system from scratch. Zendesk’s open API ticketing system software gives your team all the tools they need to build as much—or as little—as they want.

Developer tools at your fingertips

Zendesk provides a set of API and SDK (software developer kit) developer tools to help you customize and maximize how Zendesk functionalities can support your business. These include:

The Zendesk Web Widget

  • Easily embed omnichannel support on any webpage with a single snippet of code
  • For advanced customization, use Zendesk’s Javascript API to authenticate users, personalize their behavior, and choose channels available in the widget

SDK para web

  • Build your own widget from scratch
  • Completely customize the widget’s look and feel to match your brand

Zendesk Mobile SDK

  • Integrate omnichannel support natively into any mobile app—iOS, Android, and Unity
  • Your developers can install and configure the SDK right out-of-the-box
  • Customize features like colors, fonts, and UI behavior
  • Or you can build a custom navigation for an even more personalized user journey

Build customer apps and integrations

With the Zendesk Apps Framework, you can build customer apps and integrations specifically for Zendesk ticketing system and live chat software. Our Apps Framework is built on open standards, which means your developers don’t have to feel restricted as they create. Instead, developers can use their favorite libraries and frameworks for their ideal look, feel, and interactivity. Zendesk Apps Framework also comes with a development toolkit to simplify testing and deployment to production. So your business can get these apps and integrations to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The open source ticketing advantage

Open source ticketing systems make their source codes freely available to view, use, and edit. There are a couple of main advantages to this arrangement. First, the software itself isn’t for sale, so you don’t have to pay a licensing fee (you’ll pay for tech support, hosting, maintenance, and setup, though). Also, the software is freely editable, so you can create your own improvements as you see fit. This means open source ticket systems can be versatile, especially in the hands of a strong development team. Let’s break it down a bit more.

Pros of an open source system:

  • Free software can fit into any budget.
  • When you want to scale, you can simply create more logins for agents.
  • Modifications and integrations are up to you. You can customize features and integrate the ticket system with other apps on your own time.
  • Since your dev team has access to the full source code, you don’t need to wait on a third party for updates or bug fixes.
  • Popular open source ticketing systems are open to large networks of developers. That means more eyes are on the code, and bugs can be found and fixed quickly.

Cons of an open source system:

  • Modifications can be time-consuming. Plus, if you modify code or fix a bug, you may be expected to share that code with the rest of the community of users.
  • Tech support is usually weak with an open source ticketing system. With a free system, you might only find support in forums where people help out in their spare time.
  • Open source programs can be more vulnerable to malicious code, and you’re responsible for reviewing the program to ensure security.
  • Many open source ticket systems require you to host the program data yourself, which means you need to keep up on updates and maintenance.
  • Most systems lack higher features like omnichannel ticketing, prebuilt integrations, and automation.

If you’re looking for a completely free option, or if you have a strong development team ready to go, an open source ticket system could be for you. On the other hand, if you have a lean team, or if you want a full feature set that’s ready to go, Zendesk is your best option. Zendesk’s API and SDK tools allow you to build almost anything you want on the platform, which makes it the best of both worlds.

Advance your business with open API

Connect all your data and customize your ticketing systems with Zendesk software. Our open and flexible APIs and SDKs make building apps and integrations a breeze, so you can scale your business without feeling the pressure.