Holistic AI platform for customer service including chatbots and much more

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SupWiz Chatbot, Emailbot or Voicebot

Faster replies and in-depth analytics with SupWiz' omni-channel AI bots

"We are very satisfied with the bots - they make it possible to give our customers fast and consistent responses." - Pernille Sønderlund, Team Manager at TV 2


  • Fast implementation using minimal resources.
  • Easy maintenance via self-learning AI and no-tech skills needed.
  • In-depth insights for both quantitative (KPIs, cost savings, etc.) and qualitative analysis (bubble chart, trends, sentiment analysis).
  • Multilingual support with real-time translation for 90+ languages.
  • Alarm system for faster incident management and root cause detection.
  • Queries are automatically classified, routed, and resolved.

Solve customer queries fast with increased service quality Your customers expect fast and reliable support that is convenient and consistent. Whether it's a Chatbot, Emailbot or Voicebot, SupWiz AI helps your customers 24/7 in any language and ensures accurate answers tailored to your specific business and users.

Automate tasks to the benefit of both customers and agents SupWiz bots solve your customers' queries without human interaction such as resetting password and checking account status. When handover is necessary, we can summarize and present suggestions to agents. A win-win situation because your customers get quick answers, and your agents can spend their time on more demanding tasks.

Bot Analytics Get consistent in-depth data insights with automatic categorization and routing, plus analytics showing, e.g.:

  • How your Chatbot, Emailbot or Voicebot performs
  • How to improve your bot
  • What your customers write about

Bots built on explainable AI (XAI)

  • SupWiz bots are not black boxes - on the contrary: You get full insight into the decision-making of your AI tool.
  • The bots are transparent: You can explore in detail why the bot responded the way it did, and you can easily change the behavior, if needed, with GDPR and Schrems II compliant options.

About SupWiz SupWiz is one complete AI platform for automating and assisting with customer service across all communication channels. Our AI platform is comprised of chatbots, ticket routing, email-sorting, knowledge article matching, and much more. The solutions are also appropriate for large organizations and public institutions with high data security standards.

"SupWiz AI has delivered fantastic and concrete results, and today helps thousands of customers in their support dialogue with us." - Head of Business Intelligence at

Thousands of agents across different industries use SupWiz' AI solutions, benefiting millions of end-users in multiple languages. Learn how SupWiz powers great customer experiences.

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