Faye Business Systems Group

Woodland Hills, United States

Faye Business Systems Group is a global technology consulting and software company that helps companies grow by working with them to implement, customize, and manage innovative and effective CRM, Customer Experience, and ERP Software. In addition to being a Zendesk Partner, FayeBSG also partners with SugarCRM, Sage, Acumatica, Ytel and more.

When it comes to Zendesk partners, why is Faye Business Systems Group different?

  • We build singular Zendesk integrations and customizations
  • We’re experts in Zendesk implementations and support
  • We create and support extraordinary customer experiences

As a Zendesk Partner, FayeBSG specializes in Customer Experience integrations and customizations for the Zendesk platform. We help organizations create extraordinary customer experiences with Zendesk.

What We Do

Our client’s pain points include:

  • How can we be better at customer service?
  • How can we better engage with customers?
  • How do we deal with customers that just up and leave us at the drop of a dime from one bad customer service interaction?
  • How do we give our customer-facing team easy and efficient access to more customer information at their fingertips to enable their success?

Our team has the skills and experience to help you build an end-to-end engagement strategy for your customer base, let us help show you how it’s done.

Our Services

FayeBSG is a leading Zendesk implementation and support team. Zendesk clients come to us for:

  • Zendesk Integrations
  • Zendesk Customizations
  • Zendesk Development
  • Zendesk Customer Experience Development
  • Zendesk Implementations
  • Sunshine Implementation and Support

Services offered


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