Chatear sin parar

Trends are everywhere, from electric cars to bell bottom jeans, from weird to bad to good. But some trends are here to stay. Take live chat for example: according to an October 2015 report from Gartner, by 2018, over 80% of companies will offer some form of live chat on their website or on mobile devices to interact with their customers.

Live chat is on the up and up, but it makes sense to want to know if it can actually make a difference for your business. Sure, everyone is doing it and you’ve heard that live chat is supposed to help improve your company’s relationship with your customers, but what does that effect actually look like?

More importantly, what is the effect on your business if you don’t offer live chat as a channel?

Without live chat:

  • Customers might wait longer than they’re willing to for an answer to their query.
  • Your company might have lower CSAT ratings without real-time support.
  • Customers are less likely to make a purchase.

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