Forrester report: The Six Key Elements of Proactive Chat

In this October 2014 report from Forrester Research, Inc., analyst Kate Leggett explains why chat is gaining importance as both a pre- and post-purchase channel and outlines how chat has evolved from its roots to where it is today: proactive, and able to deliver predictive engagement.

At a high-level, Leggett also recommends that companies continually refine the following six steps in order to see value from a proactive chat strategy:

  • Step 1: Pinpoint journeys that will benefit most from proactive chat
  • Step 2: Target customers who have the highest intent to purchase
  • Step 3: Determine when to intervene
  • Step 4: Determine what to offer the customer
  • Step 5: Don’t overlook the presentation of the offer
  • Step 6: Don’t forget to invest in your chat agents

The full report is no longer available for complimentary download. Read more about the report and purchase a copy at the Forrester website.