Best Ticketing Software

Best ticketing software

Increase customer satisfaction by integrating the best ticketing software for streamlined customer communications
Many companies are still using outdated technology and methods for providing customer service over the phone. This creates a disjointed and often frustrating experience for customers and helpdesk agents. Integrating a ticketing system with call center software is essential in today's enterprise as it allows customers to contact a company via their preferred channel and ensures help desk agents are set up for success with a consistent view of the customers. Zendesk Support delivers the best ticketing software that acts as a shared inbox for all your customers’ questions and concerns and provides flexible tools that enhance customer support and interaction.

The benefits

Support ticketing solution takes incoming customer requests and automatically generates a customer service ticket. With a full audit trail, you can track every conversation from origin to resolution, even if it spans multiple channels and agents. This way, no matter what channel the customer uses to contact the company—email, chat, Twitter, etc.—everything the agent needs lives in a single, dynamic help desk interface so it’s easy to be productive and manage customer interactions.

With easy integration, Support ticketing software provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced call volume - route calls to specific agents based on predetermined instructions, department, tier level, and agent skill set
  • Automated customer requests - provides customers with a rewarding experience that involves answering customer questions quickly and accurately
  • Omnichannel support - seamless experience across phone, email, text, or social media to help customers quickly resolve an issue to their satisfaction
  • Improved scheduling - provide call center managers with the information they need to develop schedules within budget
  • Increased agent efficiency - armed with time-saving tools, like automatic ticket creation and customer profile screen-pops, agents focus on helping customers quickly, not on searching for information or navigating multiple systems
  • Real-time reporting and analytics metrics across channels - provides collective information such as customer traffic and call volume, and helps managers understand how to improve their phone support operations
Bottom line, Zendesk Support is the best ticketing software integration for tracking, prioritizing, and resolving customer support tickets. Get started with your free trial today and see how easy it is to manage your customer service in one place.