Cloud Service Desk

Cloud service desk

Modernize support with a cloud service desk
What is a cloud service desk?
A cloud service desk takes customer service and support functionality away from on-premises software into the realm of cloud computing. Customers and help desk agents create and work on tickets in real time through a browser instead of through client software.

Zendesk Support is cloud-based customer service and ticketing software. Zendesk makes it easy for help desk agents to build and maintain strong relationships with customers.

A different help desk solution

Companies using on-premises help desk software need to buy and track licenses, dedicate hardware and install applications on their own local servers. That represents a lot of time, work and management before a customer can submit a single ticket and a user can start working on it. With a cloud-based help desk, companies provide customer service functions from a central platform that customers and users can access from any browser on a desktop or smartphone.

Better help desk software

The biggest advantage of the service desk cloud lies in IT management. Without the need to install, configure, update and patch local software and hardware, IT's involvement with the help desk shrinks dramatically. Customer support teams can add, modify and delete users from anywhere in the enterprise on their own. They can specify their own workflows, develop reports and integrate with other ITIL disciplines like asset management, change management, configuration management and knowledge base.

Agents can start handling tickets more smoothly and providing solutions to service requests more promptly when they can work from any browser anywhere.

Getting started off site

All companies can get started with a free trial version of help desk software that runs in the cloud. They immediately reap the benefits of lower cost per user, reduced management burden and better customer service. Agents can take advantage of remote access, mobile apps and new system workflows to move tickets more efficiently. Once IT is satisfied with the free version, it can pay for licenses with full functionality, ongoing upgrades and technical support.

Zendesk Support is designed to centralize customer information so customer service agents can solve problems faster and build better relationships. Zendesk lets customers communicate with contact center employees in the ways they prefer -- phone, web, email, social, chat -- and offers self-service online resources if they prefer to solve their issues themselves. It gives agents the tools they need to collaborate, research answers and automatically respond to customers, all at a price that small, medium and large companies can afford.