Customer Experience Analytics

Customer experience analytics for greater customer satisfaction

See how happy your customers really are. Make them happier.

Customer experience analytics is the set of data you collect about the interactions between your customers and your company. Using these analytics, you can answer low-level questions on topics such as product pricing, agent performance, resolution time and website navigation. You can also answer the highest-level question of all: “Are our customers really satisfied?”

Zendesk helps you pull customer insights from and perform analysis on data from all customer touch-points.

Analytics, not anecdotes

The days of guessing your way to customer satisfaction are past. Instead of relying on memory and vague stories, customer experience analytics and metrics weigh the concrete data captured about the way your customers find, buy from, talk about and interact with your company.

Benefits to your bottom line

Better measurement is one of the first steps to customer experience management. Once you’re applying analytics to the data your customers are generating in all their interactions with you, it becomes easy to monitor dashboards and find areas ripe for improvement. Is your support team able to keep up with its workload? Does your product, site or app have usability problems? Which customers need more attention from you? Using customer experience analytics leads to a better understanding of the lifetime value of your customers.

The customer never sleeps

Assume that your customers are always knocking on your door, visiting your site, using your product or asking for help. Never miss a chance to exceed their expectations. It can mean the difference between gaining their loyalty and advocacy, and losing it to your competitor.

Start applying customer experience analytics now

You already have the data. Zendesk Explore is a customer experience analytics tool that makes that data actionable. Get a full view of your contact center operations and optimize how the data can be used for calculating revenue and enhancing customer experiences.

The sooner you put a solution in place to mine the data and create custom dashboards to display it, the greater the customer satisfaction you can build.

Customer experience analytics = Better customer experience

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