It’s a data-driven world: Make smarter decisions with integrated customer analytics – Europe

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Making quick, confident, data-driven decisions is difficult – if not impossible – when customer data is fragmented across different tools, disconnected from meaningful business metrics, and difficult to share with cross-functional stakeholders.

With Zendesk Explore your support KPIs are centralized, trends are easy to uncover, and sharing insights across the business is seamless.

Join Andrew Forbes, Product Marketing, Analytics and Philippa Booth, Success, Analytics and see how Explore helps businesses better understand and analyze customer experience data by:
● Getting started instantly with pre-built dashboards
● Customizing charts and dashboards that are relevant to your individual business
● Establishing a data-driven mindset by seamlessly sharing data trends and reports

You’ll walk away from this webinar with a clear understanding of how to get the most out of Explore from day one.

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Andrew Forbes

Andrew Forbes is a Senior Product Marketing Manager, Analytics at Zendesk who thinks there’s nothing more magical than pie, except pie charts, because he doesn’t like those.

Philippa Booth

Philippa Booth is a Success Specialist and Subject Matter Expert for Explore. She's a confirmed data geek whose motto is “context is vital.”

Gracias por registrarse. Se le enviará una confirmación con un vínculo al webinar por correo electrónico.