Modern Relationships: Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Meaningful Customer Relationships

On-demand with Jason Maynard, Director of Data and Analytics at Zendesk

Your company’s success hinges on building strong relationships with your customers, and relationships take work. Sometimes flowers and chocolates, too.

Dave Dyson

More than giving customers a single great experience, it’s vital to use data to provide a lifetime of great ‘dates’. In this 60-minute webinar, Jason Maynard, Director of Data and Analytics, and Dave Dyson, Senior Customer Service Evangelist, will show you how machine learning can help improve your customer relationships, and how Zendesk uses predictive analytics to improve our support and raise customer satisfaction.

This webinar will cover:

● How you can use machine learning to improve your customer relationships
● How predictive analytics impacts customer service agents
● 4 business dating tips for forging more meaningful relationships with your customers

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