Zendesk on Zendesk: How we provide omnichannel customer support

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Have you ever wondered how Zendesk uses Zendesk? Take a behind the scenes look at how our global customer advocacy team puts our own products to use to provide around-the-clock omnichannel support experience.

Learn how Zendesk Customer Advocacy team leaders created a seamless support experience for 100K+ customers across all channels, including:

● Self-service
● Email
● Live chat
● Phone

During this webinar, we will discuss our evolution with live channels, our self-service strategy, and how we set up our agents for success across Support, Chat, Talk, and Guide to provide omnichannel customer support.

You’ll learn our best practices whether you are just starting to expand your channels beyond email or are a veteran of omnichannel support.

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Erin Filsinger

Erin Filsinger is a Director of Workforce Management at Zendesk where she leads efforts in establishing best practice Forecasting and Planning standards with additional focus on Key Performance Indicators to support and exceptional Customer Experience.

Holly Vande

Holly Vande Walle-Gore leads Advocacy Training and Quality at Zendesk. Her teams create dynamic learning events for all groups in advocacy, and measure interaction quality to drive performance excellence. Together with other functional Advocacy groups, they work to reduce customer effort and build loyalty through consultative interactions.

Melissa Burch

Melissa Burch leads our self-service team with the vision to provide a high value and low effort offering that enables our customers to easily adopt, manage and innovate with Zendesk products.

Thanks for registering! Check your inbox for an email with your unique link to the webinar or click here to watch now.