Open Source Ticket System

Open Source Ticket System vs. Open API Ticket System

open source ticket system apiLa prioridad de los ingenieros de Zendesk es ofrecerte un sistema de tickets de API abierta, no un sistema de tickets de código abierto. La razón es que, a menudo, los sistemas de tickets de código abierto carecen de servicios de mantenimiento profesionales y de la ayuda especializada que necesitas. Con Zendesk, podrás comunicarte abiertamente con cualquier desarrollador externo que quiera utilizar nuestras API para crear nuevas integraciones que funcionen con la plataforma de software de help desk de Zendesk.

How an Open API Ticket System can benefit your business

Open APIs enhance your support ticket system functionality by adding custom applications and integrations with great web apps like Twitter, Mailchimp, Get Satisfaction, among many others. For example, you can track how your customers navigate your help desk using Google Analytics, or combine remote support from LogMeIn with your Zendesk ticketing system.

Zendesk’s mail API allows users to import backlogged tickets from existing email programs and submit tickets from non-Zendesk applications. The widget API can display external data onto your help desk and foster speedy communication between your servers and your Zendesk. Remote Authentication gives you the freedom to authenticate customer support agents on your own domain, rather than forcing them to have a seperate login and password in Zendesk.

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Why Zendesk?

Zendesk’s ticketing system provides customers with ticket management tools, and highly configurable forums, knowledge base, and FAQs.

Inside your Zendesk, you will already be setup with many customer support best practice workflow tools, including macros and triggers. Furthermore, Zendesk automatically works with your email so you can stop digging through your inbox and start engaging with your customers.

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