The biggest gaps in customer service for midsize companies

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Findings from 45,000 Zendesk customers and surveys of 600 customer service leaders have helped us to identify the 5 biggest gaps in customer service today.

Here are some of the gaps facing support teams in 2019:

1. 77% of CX leaders at midsize companies say they evaluate success based on providing multiple ways to contact customer service, but only 35% are taking a true omnichannel approach.

2. 58% of CX leaders say they evaluate success based on customers having the ability to find answers themselves, but only 15% of leaders at those companies say their teams rely on self-service to address customer questions.

Watch this webinar as our Benchmark Data team reviews:

● The 5 biggest gaps between what companies *say* they do and what they *actually* do
● Best practices from the 10% fastest growing companies to help close them
● How SalesLoft, a midsize sales engagement solution company, uses Zendesk to meet customer expectations

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Claire Peracchio

Product Marketing Manager, Zendesk

John Cason

Client Support Team Manager, SalesLoft