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Find the answers your support team is looking for

Ticketscout is an AI Search Engine that optimizes your support team’s ability to answer tickets. Once deployed, it automatically analyzes all your solved tickets and instantaneously provides you with relevant answers to the ticket currently being solved. Say goodbye to the deep dive.

Ticketscout’s mission is to ameliorate the way support teams work in Zendesk. No more searching for answers lost in the archives or in the recesses of their minds. Ticketscout appears on the right-hand side of your screen, acting like a trusted Swiss-army tool, with a quick-list of all the tickets matching the one they're on.

In addition, being that so many support agents working remotely, it’s become harder and harder for them to collaborate and ensure quality assurance on tickets. With Ticketscout, support teams can benefit from each other's work and easily stay on top of new issues.

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  • Tickets solved faster and more accurately.

  • Having an accurate bank of solved tickets, means new support team agents are up and running faster.

  • More accurate and precise visibility of solved tickets, encourages better knowledge transfer between teammates.

  • Unrivalled quality assurance by utilizing the power of AI.

  • Less time spent searching for solutions means agents can spend more time delighting your clients.


  • Automated semantic search – Ticketscout uses the overall meaning of a ticket to automatically search for the most relevant tickets.

  • Your own custom AI model. Ticketscout is trained on your own data, so its proprietary machine learning model truly understands your clients’ unique concerns.

  • Get results from all your ticket history in an instant.

  • Simple to use from start to finish: 100% Self-serve, one price, get started without even having to leave Zendesk.

Contact us:

Don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@ticketscout.app to know more about our solution.

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