Prodsight Ticket Tagging

Automatically tag Zendesk Chats by Topic and Sentiment

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Automate your ticket tagging process, save valuable agent time and get deeper customer insights that ever before with Prodsight.

Say goodbye to manual tagging

  • Prodsight automatically tags your tickets so you don't have to
  • Prodsight uses AI to detect user sentiment and intent for superior accuracy
  • Works with 100+ languages including Spanish, German, French and Russian.

Auto-populate Ticket Fields with Sentiment and Topics

  • Prodsight will analyze the subject and description of all incoming Zendesk tickets and automatically populate the ticket fields based on sentiment and topics
    • When the ticket is solved, Prodsight will analyze all user replies and will update the fields with any additional Topics discussed for accurate reporting
    • Use field data to run Skill-based assignment rules, power automations and build reports in Zendesk Explore.

Analyze all your customer feedback in one place

  • Prodsight can not only tag your Zendesk tickets but also all your reviews, surveys and NPS feedback
    • Easily manage your central taxonomy for tracking customer issues across all channels
    • Leverage intuitive reporting tools specifically designed for monitoring customer sentiment.

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