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Cut support time in half with co-browsing and session replays.

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Fullview helps you cut support time in half by getting instant context on customer issues with cobrowsing and session replays. With this integration you can bring those functionalities straight into Zendesk: see how that works in this video.

### Session Replays Want to understand what a user experienced before they reached out to you? Watch recordings of their latest sessions directly in Zendesk, jump straight to pre-detected errors and event and see exactly what happened.

### Cobrowsing Initiate a cobrowsing call with your users with one click. Browse together, draw on the user’s screen, take control and solve issues collaboratively. No links or downloads for your users, they get the call directly on an open tab of your product.

### Fullview Console Need to troubleshoot? No need to ask your users to explain or send screenshots. With Fullview, you can see real-time console information like user steps, rage clicks, errors and warnings during a cobrowsing call or while watching a session replay.

### How to get started Fullview only takes a few minutes to set up, and if you already have an account, connecting it to Zendesk only takes two clicks. Fullview is fully GDPR compliant and all user data is stored within the EU, so you can ensure maximum safety and compliance while solving support tickets. We also offer fully customizable privacy features, so that in both cobrowsing and session replays you only see what you want to see. Any sensitive information is censored.

Solve issues faster and more efficiently. Learn more about our product or discover how to get started with the Zendesk integration. Need help? You can always contact us at support@fullview.io

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