Embedded decision trees and automation help reps resolve tickets 10x faster.

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Both usage-based pricing and per-user pricing options available.

FlowEQ helps companies accelerate recurring workflows that require human judgment, expertise or empathy at key moments. FlowEQ's interactive decision trees embed directly within Zendesk, automate steps behind the scenes, and help your teams work 10x faster.

The FlowEQ Process Acceleration Platform includes:

  • Smart Flow Builder: easily build interactive decision trees for every type of ticket. Deploy these Smart Flows within your current Zendesk screens and easily update them as your business evolves.
  • Pre-connected Integrations: integrate instantly with your other business applications and automate actions behind the scenes so your agents can do everything they need within their Zendesk screens.
  • Add Accelerators: speed up workflows even more with triggers and batch processes.
  • Workflow Analysis: constantly improve how your teams work with the hard data and insights to justify changes that will save additional time and money.

Below are examples of some of the workflows and cross-system actions that can be handled and accelerated with FlowEQ. FlowEQ is a no-code workflow platform, so all of these are available with clicks, not code. See our pricing page for more details on our plans and pricing.

  • Troubleshooting, returns, order inquiries, subscription or membership changes, product quality tracking, and lease servicing tickets can all be accelerated 10x
  • Interactive decision trees that guide agents through complex and high-volume recurring workflows
  • New agent onboarding time is cut from weeks down to a couple of days with interactive decision trees that guide new agents through your standard operating procedures correctly, every time.
  • Embed within Zendesk so your agents don’t have to learn a new system
  • Can apply triggers, macros, and advanced automation to handle the steps that don’t require human judgment or expertise
  • E-commerce order and returns integration with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and other popular e-commerce platforms
  • Shipping systems integrations with ShipStation, EasyPost and other solutions to automatically search orders, shipments, and tracking numbers; create shipping labels; create orders, create and link a return label to an order without ever leaving Zendesk
  • Product quality system integrations with Arena Solutions to automatically generate new quality process records and ensure all information is properly collected
  • Subscription changes, payments questions, and other integrations with Recurly, Stripe and other payment systems.
  • Bug and issue tracking and bug logging integration with GitHub and Pivotal
  • Other integrations with Slack, Wrike, Twilio, Bitly, Rebrandly, PDF forms, and many more available.
  • Synchronize your chat and support workflows - start a process within the chat window, and pick up where you left off on the linked ticket

We are always adding new features and integrations based on requests from our customers. Check out our app and let us know how we can help with your support processes!

We recently renamed our company and product from BrightReps Sidekick to the FlowEQ Process Acceleration Platform, so the reviews below talking about BrightReps are all about FlowEQ. For additional information go to https://www.floweq.com or send us a note at support@floweq.com.

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