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AI-powered knowledge base - search answers and automate replies.

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OMQ Assist makes Zendesk more efficient and helps you to deliver great customer service.

Features include:

  • Answer support tickets with one click
  • Solve requests from all over the world (supports 32 languages)
  • OMQ AI learns from your support tickets (self learning)
  • Rights management for agents
  • Work in the OMQ knowledge base without leaving Zendesk

The latest stable version of the extension can be installed via the Zendesk Marketplace.

OMQ Assist

OMQ Assist enhances your ticket system with a self-learning knowledge base, which automatically suggests suitable solutions. The processing time of each individual ticket is reduced, because of the extremely shortened research process. As soon as a ticket or a customer email is opened in Zendesk, OMQ Assist reads the message automatically. The Artificial Intelligence of OMQ understands the customer’s request and OMQ Assist proposes matching entries from the knowledge base. These appear in the right pane of Zendesk Support.

You can also individually search for an answer if you want to use a different answer than the one suggested by OMQ Assist. Just enter a search term in the search field. OMQ Assist displays all entries for this search term. The number in the first place indicates how many entries for the term are stored in the knowledge base as a whole. Below is listed which specific entries there are related to the term and how many of them exist.

About OMQ

OMQ is a central and intelligent knowledge base. All OMQ products access the same service answers from the knowledge base and direct them into the various communication channels.

OMQ’s AI understands the customer’s intent

With our artificial intelligence, incoming customer messages will be automatically read. Simultaneously, OMQ Assist analyzes and understands the intention of the customer request. Text blocks will be displayed to the service agent so that they can compose an email reply with a single click. Manually replying to repetitive customer requests will therefore be avoided.

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