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Boost productivity with macro recommendation and automatic case categorization

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Supercharge your agents with AI.

We believe that humans are always going to be at the centre of customer service, so we empower your people with automation.

Assist boosts productivity, halves onboarding times and ensures faster and better replies to customers - in line with your communication style. It runs autonomously across all text-based communication channels, continually improves over time and is compatible with just about any language.

A problem shared is a problem halved, right?

How it works

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Automatic Categorization

Assist automatically populates your ticket fields as your tickets come in. It learns from the way you’ve categorized in the past and reacts to behavioural changes as time goes on. Triaging and rerouting in a smarter way reduces human intervention to make work less labour-intensive.

Macro Search and Recommendation

Never again will you waste time searching for the right macro.

We use Natural Language Processing to scan the content of each ticket and recommend the macros that best match each specific request. Can’t find the right macro in the list of recommendations? Assist learns from your actions and improves recommendations over time.

Smart Features

  • Preview a macro’s text by mousing over Assist’s recommendations and search results - including ones based on dynamic content.
  • Includes a powerful, typo-tolerant search engine to help find macros more easily
  • You’ll get a warning sign if a specific macro has already been used with a customer in any of his/her previous tickets.

What our customers are saying

“We cut the time our customers had to wait for a response by 35%”. - Back Market

“Auto-categorization helped us save a lot of time and spread the workload. Miuros really works, and it's super intuitive. I know the back-end is very complex, but Miuros makes it really simple". - Swapfiets

“Miuros reduces our agents’ repetitive tasks by 40%”. - Heetch


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Hungry for more? Check out Miuros Insights to take full control of your goldmine of Zendesk data - and Miuros Review, the all-in-one quality assurance solution to build better customer service experiences.

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