Intelligent texting with customers using your existing support number

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IMpower Solutions enables your staff to text with customers, using your existing business numbers, without changing their workflow.

Don't take it from us, ask our customers:

"Ticket handle time has reduced dramatically, and SMS is definitely is a big part of that happening."

"It's by far the highest performing channel. Customers just love it."

James Stillian, Head of Support, Man Crates

Why Smart Brands Text

  • Texting is the most efficient and highest CSAT channel for customer communications.

  • Smart brands know that texting saves time and money, as well as delights customers. Brands that use texting include Warby Parker, Lyft, Uber, Casper, and the SF 49ers.

  • Texting cuts down on phone calls and live chats which are the biggest productivity wasters in any support mix.

  • With texting, customers can take the conversation anywhere, and continue it at anytime. No need to stay on the line or in the browser as they get increasingly annoyed with you and your brand.

  • In a mobile first world, texting is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

IMpower's Zendesk integration
1. Takes your existing number and adds a texting capability to it (toll free numbers, landlines, voip numbers) OR provides a virtual texting number for your business

  1. Delivers texts as Zendesk tickets. Agents reply to tickets.

  2. Sends mobile optimized CSAT requests

  3. Automates follow up based on customer reply:

    • Prompt a positive CTA if happy
    • Recover customer & save a bad review if unhappy
  4. Integrates with Zendesk reporting

  5. Operates a compliance engine and profanity filter for safety & security

  6. Integrates with email, Slack and more. Non agent employees can participate in the conversation

  7. Supports group texting. Send one message to all customers, employees, or vendors in the same group. Starts an individual conversation with each group member

  8. BIGGEST BENEFIT: Over time, learns from your texts and uses AI to suggest correct answers to agents. Our suggestion bots can boost agent productivity by 20-40%

Main Benefits of Texting
- Highest CSAT of any channel - 9.1/10
- Faster to handle than calls, live chat, & emails
- Unlike live chat & calls, agents can prioritize text tickets. Responses don’t have to be immediate
- Better turnaround than email - less to write, faster responses. 90% read & respond in 5 minutes
- Get customers’ real contact info and start a relationship. Texting is intimate and personal - Use it to start a long term relationship - Ask us how!

About IMpower Solutions:
IMpower Solutions enables customer communications through text messaging using existing business phone numbers and internal systems (helpdesk, emails, Slack etc.).

We save businesses money on support, help them connect faster with prospects (98% open rates), and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Founded in 2011, IMpower has served over 15,000 businesses including brands like the SF 49ers, Better Business Bureau, and Man Crates.

For more info reach out to or visit

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