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Stonly is an explanatory content creator that empowers users to generate interactive and visually rich step-by-step online guides. The guides, called “Stonlies”, can be embedded in a diverse range of online platforms, including webpages, user support software, help-centers, CRMs, and blogging platforms.

Stonly includes the following features:

  • Rich content editor including videos, images, code snippets
  • Decision tree creation
  • Easy search inside step
  • Right management
  • History management
  • Analytics on usage

With Stonly, anyone can create easy-to-follow guides without having to write any code. The step-by-step concept enables users to display detailed multimedia content. In addition, the Stonlies provide interactive capabilities that ensure the viewer is only being delivered relevant and tailored content.

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The Stonly Zendesk app offers the following capabilities:

Script for agents: Whether it is for on-boarding or for day-to-day resolution, having scripted guides for agents is a huge time saver to help them resolve tickets. Thanks to Stonly structured content, searching for the right information is very easy. When agents escalated a ticket the history of what they have followed can be displayed for the next agent. Stonly can also launch actions inside zendesk (executing macros, fill fields...) based on progression in the guide.

Customer navigation history: As Stonly guides can be embedded to help-center articles, the app shows the history of each step visited by the customer prior to opening the ticket. This information is available directly in the ticket UI help agent to get a faster ticket resolution.

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