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What is Customer Humor in Zendesk?

Customer Humor, developed by BCR.CX, is an app that enables agents to categorize the level of customer satisfaction in Zendesk support tickets. With Customer Humor, agents can personalize the customer experience with a range of information.

How to use Customer Humor?

To use Customer Humor, you can easily install the app in your Zendesk account and access it directly from the ticket interface. Then, choose the relevant ticket and add the customer's satisfaction level regarding the support provided. Furthermore, tags will be applied to simplify the process.

Why choose BCR.CX apps?

BCR.CX is a company specialized in Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO) and Business Environment Outsourcing (BEO), that develops apps to help businesses improve their processes and offer high-quality customer support experiences. By choosing BCR.CX apps, customers can rely on quality products that will increase their team's efficiency and productivity. To learn more about BCR.CX services and products, visit their website at

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