Power up Zendesk to manage tasks on the visual board. Aids collaboration.

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Integrate Zendesk with Restyaboard, the open-source Trello alternative to manage tasks and tickets.

Integrate Zendesk with Restyaboard the open-source Trello alternative to manage tasks and tickets

Zendesk-Restyaboard integration will allow you to create cards to your Restyaboard right from your Zendesk ticket and update your support team about the changes on cards linked to any ticket, great for solving tickets to your customer service

Restyaboard integration for Zendesk - made by AgileShoppe

Core features

The Restyaboard integrations have a lot of helpful features that will save your process efficiency.

Create Cards from ticket

With the Restyaboard app for Zendesk you can create the card in restyaboard from the support tickets in Zendesk.

For more advanced ways to use the Restyaboard app in Zendesk to boost your team performance, see

Link Tickets to Cards

Link the cards from your Restyaboard with the Zendesk ticket to keep track of Zendesk ticket status.

Update the Feedback with Comment

You can add a comment to the Restyaboard card from the Zendesk ticket with the feedback of the team member.

Assign Yourself to Get Instant Notification about Changes

Keep track of your Zendesk ticket with creation of the card to the Restyaboard and you can also assign yourself to the card for instantly getting the notification about any activity in the card.

Choose the Boards and Lists to Create the Card

Quickly convert your ticket information into your Restyaboard cards within Zendesk and you can pick a board and list in which you want to create the card with ticket information.

Data Security

We do not hold any data linked to your agents and customers, except for:-Restyaboard URL, Access token.

Provide clear communication between the team members with the access to your Restyaboard account in just one click without filling out any additional forms.

Team Communication

The Restyaboard integration for Zendesk allows your team to view and create cards with tickets that have been created by users directly from a ticket in Zendesk.

The Restyaboard integrations have a lot of helpful features that will help your team to achieve a lot of productivity and clear communication.

We are experts in unleashing the strength of the team at your place of work. Having the right tools makes a big difference in the success of a software project.

Usage Overview

This integration allows you to create cards from Zendesk tickets. Create the cards in your Restyaboard from the ticket to see quick summaries relevant to an issue

Create the cards in Restyaboard from Zendesk ticket

Link an existing Restyaboard card to the ticket in the Zendesk to update the cards about the feedback about the issue.

Link the cards from Restyaboard to Zendesk ticket

A card can be made for each bug, and the Support team can then easily attach all the tickets associated information by adding the information as a comment to the card.

Adding the comments to the card from Zendesk ticket

You can also assign yourself to the card for instantly getting the notification about any activity in the card for updating the status of the Zendesk ticket.

Assign yourself to the Restyaboard card

The Restyaboard - Zendesk integration allows you to specify the Board and List where the card can be created from the Zendesk ticket.
While creating card, you can choose Board and List

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